Feelings from Italy

About us

Feelings from Italy is a young organization operating in the tourism industry. It was founded in 2014 with the aim of transforming simple tours into sensorial experiences, where tourists will be able to understand the deep essence, culture and lifestyle of the location visited.


When we visit a country and we experience its culture every detail kindles our curiosity. Curiosity is what opens our mind and engages us into trying to conform, even for a few days, with the uses and customs of the realities that we encounter on our travels. The Blog, a digital space where to share with other curious people like us, a part of our beloved land: Italy

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Our vision

The way to travel has changed completely. Thanks to the Internet and new technologies you can plan far in advance the places you would like to visit. However, if you would really like to live the location and discover its deep essence, you have to rely on who has the key of knowledge. Feelings from Italy is the missing link between the traveller and the location. We provide a unique and truly unforgettable experience.

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